Wholesale company of prime-quality incences. Exclusive provider of incenses used by shamans in cooperation with expert Christian Raetsch.

International renowned expert on shamanism, psychoactive plants and fumes Raetsch is author of the milestone Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants. The ethnopharmacologist lived three years among the Lacandone-Indians in Mexico is fluent in two Maya-languages and author of more than 40 books – many of them available in English by

Entrance to the visionary worlds and diverse activities of Swiss artist and sociologist Fred Weidmann.

Provides informations on publications, events and scientific research on altered states of consciousness and entheogens – selected by Dieter Hagenbach (former publisher of Sphinx, book-agent and co-organizer of the legendary Basel-congresses in honor of Albert Hofmann – together with Lucius Wertmüller).

Established by Ralph Metzner, renowned pioneer, elder of altered states of minds and author, for everyone interested in ecology, shamanism and alchemical divination.

Interested in esotericism? In the writings and movements of famous Russian author Gurdjieff? Check out this website. German author Bruno Martin is one of the very few knowledgeable people in this field.

Highly advisable for everyone in search of authentic Nepalese shamanism. Without Mohan Rai and the shamans of the institute he founded in Kathmandu our book Shamanism and Tantra in the Himalayas would not have been possible.

Interested in English versions of my books? Check out this website from Inner Traditions in Vermont, USA.

PSYCHOACTIVITY aims to preserve our common ancestral shamanic roots by listening to elders from shamanic cultures and by distributing their wisdom among interested people around the world. Shamans respectfully refer to plant-teachers as their source of knowledge for the use of medicinal plants. „Plant-teacher“ - what a wonderful term and concept to teach us the difference between use and abuse.

The foundation based in Munich, Germany, aims for sustainability and concepts to encourage ecological ways of cattle-farming and production of high quality meat.

Anthropologist and ethnobotanist Wolf-Dieter Storl grew up in the USA and lives since many years in Southern Germany. The international renowned author of many books opens pathways to plant-spirits, their cultural use and healing virtues.

Advisable site for everyone interested in the universal knowledge of Ayahuasca-plant-teachers.